Let's see, where do I start, I've continued to play in bands since HT at one point we moved to Seattle (my hometown) this was around 91' but Keith decided he didn't really want to so Floyd, Joe and myself played some shows up here as HT with me singing but it became apparent that it wasn't going to be HT in the sense that we had come to expect it, in other words without Keith we decided it really wasn't HT anymore. So we changed the name to Shark Chum and began to play more punk styled music you can find a sample of that band on Home Alive Compilation a benefit album for a local musician who was murdered. It has Nirvana, Sound Garden etc. on it. After about a year we called it quits for good and I began playing bass in a band called Zeke, that lasted a couple of years the band though is going strong and on their 5th record or so.  During that time Joe and I re-formed Shark Chum for fun and put out a CD of X-rated barbeque punk rock,,,,needing a place to hang my hat I formed The Load Levelers.

HT meant a lot to me also that's one reason we didn't release any more records. The thinking was, make it great or don't do it at all.  At one point we were going to release a record of out-takes and unreleased stuff but I'm afraid the tapes are in poor shape so the future of that is in doubt. Other than that I have 3 kids and still play about 100 shows a year and spend a couple of months on the road.
Holy Terror

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