LambertWell, if you made it to this page, thanx for checking out the site, it means a lot to me. A little about myself before we get started. My name is Scott W. Lambert. Professionally, I work as a UNIX Systems Admin in the auto industry. I am a graduate of Wayne State University with a Major in Logistics and minor in Information System Development.

Holy Terror is the kind of band that I can listen to over and over again and still get something new and exciting from their music. I remember the first time I saw the cover of the Terror and Submission LP, I was blown away. I was amazed at how bold it was, mysterious but at the same time right in your face. I bought it expecting to hear some low end death metal band that sounded like they were recorded in someone's kitchen. Boy, oh boy was I wrong, I was instead witnessed to some of the most maniacal riffing and melodic abuse that I ever have heard. At the time I was about 13 or 14 yrs. old, a stupid kid with a mullet and a Metallica t-shirt (how the mighty have fallen). Now as I sit here at 35 without a mullet, I think of how the music of Holy Terror has always been a part of my life since that fateful day I saw that album cover.

A big reason why I took on this project many years ago was to try to uncover the mysteryScott Lambert, Kurt Colfelt, Chris Carlson of what happened to this band. After 2 brilliant albums, the band and its members just seemed to vaporize. I mean, one seemed to resurface in any other bands that I had heard of, I could not find any magazines with any news.........nothing. I pretty much spent a decade writing letters to magazines and then when the technology surfaced, e-mailing people and magazines trying to find out what happened to Holy Terror. Well, during one of my 'productive' days at work, I stumbled upon a small webpage dedicated to Holy Terror. I immediately e-mailed the author asking if he had any way to contact any of the members of Holy Terror. The author of that site gave me Kurt Colfelt, and Mike Alvord's e-mail addresses. I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Tom Hutchinson for his help and getting me in contact with Kurt and Mike, you helped me get started, thank you brother. So, I hope for the people that visit this site, a few questions may be answered and you get a sweet taste of some great nostalgia. Feel free to contact me at if you have comments or if you have anything you would like to submit!

Holy Terror

2003 - with Kurt Colfelt
Holy Terror

2012 - with Joe Mitchell

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